Protecting PDF Secure Your Files Properly

Using PDF files is a very common occurrence regardless of who you are, even important documents like tax returns can be downloaded in the PDF format these days. Seeing as it’s such a popular file type, the day may come where you’ve got to be protecting PDF files – this can be done in many different ways, all of which will help prevent the unauthorized use of your PDF documents.

Preventing the sharing and distribution of your documents is very important in most cases, so knowing how to implement it into your documents is going to be a crucial skill. When you’ve got an eBook that you think is going to excel, you’ve got to put the right protection in place to ensure that people aren’t going to share it. Working incredibly hard on a project and having groups of people pass it about isn’t ideal at all, which is why our services are in such high demand.

Why is Protecting PDF Files So Important?


The protection of your PDF files is a must within the eBook industry, as you need the ability to decipher who has paid for your protect (and should have the right access to it). Whether you’re into producing online courses or just want to release your new fiction novel, PDF protection is going to be something you become quite familiar with. PDF protection could even apply to office spaces, as restricting access so that only specific employees can see a PDF file is necessary at times.

You cannot release an eBook without protecting the PDF files, it’s just not possible these days. People will download your content at will if you don’t have the right security measures in place. Fighting back against digital pirates has been our top priority, and we’re going to continue assisting our clients with their PDF protection needs for as long as it takes.

What Services Are Available?

When you want top-to-bottom protection of your PDF files, there are a total of six features that we offer. The combination of these features will secure your PDF files completely, allowing you to release your eBook in the safest manner possible – if it wasn’t for this protection, your eBook could be potentially pirated (illegally downloaded) at will.

Set Document Expiry Date

There are a few different ways you could go about setting a document to expire, which is protecting PDF file from opening after certain requirements have been met. You may want the PDF to expire after it’s been printed a certain number of times (not in our features yet), or maybe after a specific number of days has passed since it was shared. You could also just secure the file so that only specific users will have access to it – the most options in regards to expiring PDF files are:

Prints – After a certain number of prints has been met, the PDF file will become expired
Views – Once the PDF file has reached the specified view count, it will expire
Date – You can set PDF files to expire on specific dates if you’d like!
After “x” Days – After the required number of days has passed the PDF file will become expired

set pdf expire date

The reasoning behind protecting PDF files with expiration requirements is simple, as you want to limit access to your eBooks from people who haven’t paid. Knowing you can share your eBook in a PDF file securely will give you peace of mind. The content will only be accessible when certain parameters have been met, and it also allows you to keep your eBook updated accordingly (older version cannot be accessed due to expiration dates). This protection is perfect for online training or academic courses, as you can force the PDF files to expire when the course is completed.

Prevent Downloading

Preventing the unauthorized downloads that usually come along with releasing an eBook is simple with a service like this. Using our ebook DRM (Digital Rights Management) system will allow you to implement download restrictions according to your standards. You can limit the access of your PDF files so that they can be viewed but never downloaded – even if they miraculously managed to download the PDF, the additional layers of security that we offer, social drm, will surely prevent them from sharing the content. Most companies will prevent downloads when a PDF file has become irrelevant and is deemed expired, but this can also be done when your main focus is limiting access. If you know you’re going to send the PDF file to 10 people (and only 10!), it makes sense to limit the downloads to that number. We make the prevention of unauthorized downloads simple through our service, which is beneficial for both business owners and digital entrepreneurs alike. If you want to post a PDF file online but only want people to look at it (and not have the ability to download it), this security option would be fitting.

Limit Download Count

pdf limit download

Whether you’re offering an eBook to a limited number of people or just want to know how many users have downloaded the PDF document, you can limit the available download count to whatever you’d like. It’s important to use a reliable service while limiting the number of downloads your eBook can take, as using lackluster applications is only going to cause problems. When you don’t feel the need to password-protect your PDF documents (passwords can be shared anyways!) and want the download count to be limited, our service will make that process simple. It’s an easy way to limit the number of download your customer can have, which will make the process of tracking user activity much easier. Authors don’t have to worry about review copies getting  downloaded too many times, as the capacity to limit the number of available downloads is easy here – pair that with specific user access and you’re good to go!

Dynamic Watermarks for PDF Files

Using a watermark to brand your PDF files is a great idea and is one of the most common forms of protecting PDF files that you’ll see. Dynamic watermarks can be used to display user information while the PDF file is being viewed, as well as let you use different watermarks for specific views and prints. You won’t have to create custom PDF files either, as our system will handle the hard work for you – one PDF file will be distributed to all users with a dynamic watermark. The reason why this is better than Adobe Acrobat watermarks is obvious to most, but to those still learning they are:

Cannot Be Removed – You cannot remove the dynamic watermarks you find on PDF documents secured by us, but that isn’t the case for Adobe Acrobat watermarks. These dynamic watermarks are seemingly impossible to remove, even using third-party tools it would still be very hard.

Dynamic – Dynamic Watermarks allow you to get personal with your PDF documents, which can be especially useful within the eBook industry. Both user name and/or email information can be displayed using Dynamic Watermarks, allowing them to view (and even print) PDF files with the proper information on them. If you have to personalize thousands of PDF files and don’t feel like doing it manually, Dynamic Watermarks are the solution for you.

More Control – You get to pick where the watermarks are displayed, as well as the transparency and rotation. You can choose to have the Dynamic Watermarks display when the PDF files are being viewed and downloaded. Protecting PDF files with this much control is an immaculate feeling, to say the least. Dynamic Watermarks are a great way to identify if a user is unlawfully sharing your eBooks.

Logging PDF Document Use

Tracking the use of your PDF files is a great way to see who’s been reading them, and can be used as both protection and a way to boost productivity. If you have PDF files about work that employees are overlooking, you’ll be able to see it. For those of you interested in releasing an eBook, you can also see who is viewing your PDF files the most – this is especially useful for those who have eBooks offered on an exclusive basis. The main reasons you want to log document use are:

Analysis for Marketing Purposes – If you want to know how well your PDF document is performing you can use document logs as a reference. If you’ve publicly released an eBook and want as many people to download it as possible, using document logs will allow you to identify and potential market trends (that you could benefit from!).

Identifying Authorized Users – When you want to be sure that only authorized users are accessing your PDF files, you can use document logs to do it. You’ll be able to see all of the users who have been accessing your documents, and if anybody unauthorized is present you can act accordingly.

Compliance with Management Standards – If you’re using documents logs to keep tabs on employees, you’re doing things the right way. Certain management standards (for example, ISO9000) call for document tracking to be present for PDF files, and you can handle that with ease right here. If you see that someone is sharing their access to the PDF file (whether it be to view or print), our services will catch it immediately. It doesn’t matter who is being sent the PDF files or where they are being stored, as long as you’ve encrypted them with our service, you’ll be able to see all of the logs! Tracking your PDF files and logging them has never been this simple, so you can finally release eBooks without worrying about shared access.

Revoke Access to Protect PDF Documents

If you think that a document is being misused for any reason you can revoke user access. The power is truly in your hands when you choose to work with us, as you’ll be able to monitor PDF file usage and revoke access accordingly. As someone who is releasing eBooks, this can be crucial, as you’ll know whether or not it’s a paid user accessing your PDF documents. When you see that someone unauthorized has gained access you can lock them out with haste using our amazing PDF protection. You can do this manually but you can also use the expiration options that we’ve included within this service as well. Company documents will almost always have an expiration date, as employees will only need user access for a certain period. After that period has passed, there’s no real use for PDF file and everybody will have their user access revoked. Even if you want to maintain complete control over your PDF file resource for no particular reason, having the ability to revoke user access to PDF documents is going to come in handy. You can also use this feature if someone is asking for a refund.

Get PDF Protection from the Proper People

Relying on lackluster PDF protection in this modern world is not a great idea, and if you’re looking to release an eBook that statement would be especially true. There’s no telling what the next innovative step will be in the PDF protection industry, but we’re aware of what you can do to keep your files safe and secure right now. Whether you’re looking to protect sensitive company information or just want to know your eBook is always in the right hands, protecting PDF files is going to be critical to your success. Are you ready to stop meddling with services that just don’t feel to provide enough document security? Step into the realm of modern PDF encryption with the amazing services we have to offer! Whether your next eBook project is big or small is irrelevant, as proper PDF protection knows no boundaries.