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Keep your ebook safe and prevent sales loss. Create protection with just a few clicks. Add dynamic watermark, set print & download permission and more

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It's how you

1. Upload your ebook

Upload your ebook in pdf format to our service. Input your ebook title and author. Simply signup and try uploading right away.

2. Apply protection

Setup protection the way you want it to be.

Dynamic watermark with your customer’s email, prevent printing, limit downloading, set expiry date, etc.

3. Integrate with your online store

Simply match your eBook SKUs in your store and our service.

Don’t have online store? We also support a way to protect and distribute your pdf for training materials, reports, courses for students, etc.

4. See User Experience

See how your customers receive and view ebook.

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Not sure how works? Wonder why you need to use it? Here are some of the common questions we hear from our appreciated members.

If you’re looking for a better way to secure your pdf files you can begin your trial period immediately.

If you’re selling ebooks on your own website you can integrate with our service by using either paypal or woocommerce. And our service will automatically fulfill your ebooks to your customers.

A lot of our customers don’t sell on their websites. They use our service to protect other intellectual properties such as researches, textbooks, reports, training materials, etc.

Of course. But if you decided to downgrade please be sure to contact us first so we can delete the ebooks that exceed the upload limit. You can choose which one you want to keep.

Sure, you can set the option for your ebook to be downloadable but it is highly recommended that you use dynamic watermark to prevent sharing.

You can choose to upload only your best selling ebooks. For example, if you’re on startup plan that limits 5 ebooks and you have 7 ebooks. You can sort the best selling ones and upload to our service. If there are changes in selling numbers you can replace your ebooks too.

Number of illegal downloaders 16,500,000
Number of books illegally downloaded 31,514,064
Number of legal e-book purchases lost 5,473,875
Total loss of sales due to illegal downloading $ 315,000,000
(According to statista, 2017, and the number is growing)
Yes, while it's easier than ever to make an ebook store (thanks, WooCommerce, Shopify), it's harder than ever to prevent it from piracy. That's why we built -- to give small ebook stores like yours a leg-up against piracy that’s growing by the day.
In the last year we've helped over +120 stores (like yours) keep their revenue to themselves. I'd love for you to give it a try.
Nim C.

14-day free trial. No credit card required